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Minnesota Statuatory References

These Statutes do not represent legal advice, nor a comprehensive listing of all statutes regarding any subject, merely a resource listing.

Consult an attorney versed in self defense if you do not understand any aspect or statute and it's impact on self defense.


Minnesota Statutes Chapter 624 (index)

624.714 Carrying of weapons without permit; penalties

Minnesota Statutes Chapter 609 (index) - Criminal Code

609.06 Authorized use of force

609.065 Justifiable taking of life

609.066 Authorized use of deadly force by peace officers

609.20 Manslaughter in the first degree

609.205 Manslaughter in the second degree

609.21 Criminal vehicular homicide and injury

609.221 Assault in the first degree

609.222 Assault in the second degree

609.223 Assault in the third degree

609.2231 Assault in the fourth degree

609.224 Assault in the fifth degree

609.2241 Knowing transfer of communicable disease

609.2242 Domestic assault

609.228 Great bodily harm caused by distribution of drugs

609.475 Impersonating officer

609.66 Dangerous weapons

609.666 Negligent storage of firearms

609.662 Shooting victim; duty to render aid

609.672 Permissive inference; firearms in automobiles

609.713 Terroristic threats

624.7142 Carrying while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance

624.7143 Chemical testing

624.7181 Rifles and shotguns in public places

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